På denne siden finner du et utvalg av artikler, investorbrev, læringsmateriale og publikasjoner fra ulike anerkjente personer og institusjoner innen finans og økonomi.

Berkshire Hathaway Owners Manual

Ben Graham – Value Avatar
Case Study – Teledyne / Dr. Henry Singleton
Charlie Munger – The Art of Stock Picking
Euronav – The Basics of the Tanker Shipping Market
Investment Process – Principles and Checklist
Jason Zweig – Lessons and Ideas from Benjamin Graham
Jim Chanos – Masterclass, The Fundamental Short Seller
Jim Chanos – Yale, Financial Fraud Throughout History: A Forensic Approach
Jeremy Siegel – Valuing Growth Stocks, Revisiting the Nifty Fifty
Joel Greenblatt – Investing Classes at Columbia University Business School
Li Lu – The Prospect of Value Investing in China
Mark Leonard: Additional Sectors for Investment, Buybacks, ROIC, Value Investing
Michael Maubossin – The Importance of Expectations
Michael J. Mauboussin – Turtles in Omaha, The Mindset of Great Investors
Monish Pabrai – Steer Clear of the Short Side
Nick Sleep –  Costco, Perpetual Growth Machine
Philip A. Fisher – Masterclass, Growth Investment Philosophy
Robert G. Kirby – The Coffee Can Portfolio
SEC: Beginners’ Guide to Financial Statement
Seth Klarman – The Value of Not Being Sure
Terry Smith – Share Buybacks Friend or Foe?
The Armageddonists (2019) – JP Morgan
The Armageddonists, Revisited (2020) –  JP Morgan
The Best of Charlie Munger: 1994-2011
Warren Buffett – How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor
Warren Buffett – On the Stock Market (1999)
Warren Buffett – On the Stock Market (2001)
Warren Buffett – The Superinvestors of Graham and Doddsville
Wolfe Research: 10-K Navigation Guide – A Primer on Reading Annual Reports